1 Sep 2022
Mercedes-Benz has provided a first look at the interior of its EQE SUV, the multi-purpose variant of the company’s EQE executive sedan. Based on the large electric platform from Mercedes-EQ, it is equipped as standard with a 12.8in Central OLED Touchscreen Portrait Display with 12.3in instrument cluster, writes Lawrence Butcher on Automotive Interiors World. The dominant outer vents on the dash feature a turbine design, which Mercedes says deliberately plays on the theme of ‘hyper analog’ through a contrast with high-tech precision mechanics. The front section of the center console joins the instrument panel and is free-standing in space. The vent band from the cockpit is visually continued in the front doors, and there is a floating control cluster with integrated door opener and seat controls. Avant-garde as well as traditional materials and colors are used throughout the interior with five coordinated color combinations available. A hybrid trim element brings together the warmth of wood with the technical coolness of real aluminum and an anthracite 3D relief-look finish, with fine metal pigments.

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