17 Aug 2022

UNIC – Italian Tanneries – held a presentation cum workshop at the Caterina da Siena fashion institute in Milan during the Fashion Graduate Italia course. The aim was to enlighten the students about the Italian tanning industry and leather itself.



During the well-attended presentation, UNIC covered topics concerning leather that did not appear in the fashion courses being followed by the students. These included such issues and questions such as what is leather and what cannot be defined as such? How to read a label, what to consider “Made in Italy” and how to understand traceability of the product?

The topic of sustainability was also addressed as there was much confusion about what sustainability means in relation to circularity and the ecosystem. The overall objective of the presentation was to provide clarity for the students about leather and the leather industry.

The workshop sparked many lively questions from the students, and it is gratifying to see just how receptive young people are when properly informed. Many doubts about tanning and leather were dispelled for those present which was the main objective of the presentation.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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