11 Aug 2022
U.S.-headquartered meatpacker and hide processor Tyson Foods has reported its financial results for the third quarter of 2022, reports ILM. Total sales for Tyson Foods in the period were US$13.5 billion, while the sales for the first nine months of the 2022 fiscal year were US$39.55 billion. The company has achieved net income of US$753 million for the third quarter, with a result of US$2.71 billion for the nine months in the 2022 financial year so far. For its beef segment, Tyson reports that sales volume has decreased across the first nine months of the year despite strong global demand, primarily due to a challenging labour environment and supply chain issues. Beef sales for the third quarter of 2022 were US$4.96 billion, with a volume increase of 1.3% and an average price drop of 1.2%. For the first ninth months of the fiscal year, the result was US$14.99 billion, with a volume drop of 1.5% and average price increase of 17% year-on-year. Tyson noted that the sales price has increased across 2022 due to increased input costs such as live cattle, labour, freight and transportation with demand remaining strong. Meanwhile, the price fell in the third quarter due to reduced demand for premium cuts of beef as compared to exceptionally high demand. Looking forward to the full 2022 results, Tyson Foods noted that the USDA projects domestic beef production will increase around 1% over 2021, and the company is anticipating another strong year with an adjusted operating margin between 11% and 13%.

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