5 Aug 2022
Juliette Noël struck out on her own to design and manufacture exclusive and customized leathergoods as part of the new generation of French artisans/designers. Juliette created her own brand called Julno and, hence, named her atelier in Rouon, “Atelier Julno. She studied the History of Art traveling between Paris and Rome and became interested in leathergoods after seeing artisan working in the workshops in Rome. Juñno Andy bag in garnet-coloured grained bull leather, jewellery in brass gilded with 0.5 micron fine gold “I have always been fascinated by workshops, tools and the fact of being able to materialise ideas thanks to know-how,” she explained. Her training was completed at the Ateliers Grégoire in Paris. The brand Julno uses only natural and noble materials and focuses on craftsmanship with her creations being cut and stitched by hand. Julno’s leather is sourced in France from Haas and Rémy Carriat tanneries as well as, Jullien and Alran tannery in Belgium and Italy. The leathers are ordered in reasonable quantities to preserve the exclusivity of the creations. Top-of-the-range models are available in limited numbers and even made-to-measure, thus becoming unique pieces. Juliette classifies her creations as “slow fashion” and her Timeless collection is a permanent feature and consists of six women’s bags, including the iconic Andy bag.. Far from any seasonality, the brand offers one or two new products each year, available in different colours. Julno’s products are not exclusively limited to women as the atelier offers small leather goods and belts for men, which are marketed in the Rouen workshop-boutique, on its e-shop and in a selection of partner retailers.

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