3 Aug 2022
The 12th Asia International Conference on Leather Science and Technology (Aiclst) will be held in a hybrid format from October 18-20 in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Organised by the New Zealand Leather and Footwear Research Association (Lasra), this international meeting of scientists and leather companies will present some of the latest advances in the chemistry applied to leather tanning, as well as the most innovative methods to produce cleaner and more environmentally friendly leather. “The 12th Aiclst Conference seeks to stimulate discussion and bring together the wider community of scientists, manufacturers and suppliers of leather chemicals and equipment. It will showcase the latest advances in leather science and technology, promoting scientific excellence and impact in support of the drive towards more sustainable leather production,” explained Geoff Holmes, director of Lasra. The conference will focus on seven main themes: advances in basic leather science, improvement of raw stocks, cleaner leather production and closed-loop processing, value-added uses for waste streams and by-products, environmental protection and evaluation of impact, industry 4.0. and detection and traceability and advances in machinery used in the leather processing industry. “We invite industry scientists and chemists from around the world to join us at this event, to foster international communication and collaboration in the leather community and to drive the advancement of leather science,” added Holmes.

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