2 Aug 2022

With less than two months to go before the inauguration of the III IULTCS Eurocongress due to be held from September 18 – 20 in Vicenza, northern Italy, the broad outline of the topics to be presented and discussed at the congress have finally been revealed.



After registration and the opportunity to network on the afternoon of September 18, the congress proper will get underway on the following day. The broad topics that will be covered are:

  • New developments in chemistry for the tanning industry.
  • Innovative technologies for leather manufacturing processes.
  • Test methods for chemicals and leather, new developments and approaches.
  • The environmental aspects.

The selection of the works that will be presented was managed by the 23 delegates of the Technical Scientific Commission of the event, coordinated by Franca Nuti, who commented:

“After two years of pandemic, expectations are very high both from a technical and social point of view. After having examined the numerous abstracts received and the full papers arrived, I am convinced that we will have a good opportunity to offer useful proposals to the sector. “.

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