29 Jul 2022
Founded in 1972, Spanish tannery Dercosa, based in the Cheste area of Valencia, is celebrating half a century of commercial activity. When the company started it was thought of as a collagen processing plant for the cosmetics industry but it soon transitioned to the manufacture of split leather. Exporting 75%-80% of its production, Dercosa’s is now a specialist manufacturer of split leather for the luxury leather accessories sector. Its primary products include natural bovine suede, finished bovine suede, technical suede, and pigmented splits. To improve efficiency and sustainability more than 4 million euros have been invested in recent years by the owners. The retanning and dyeing drums were replaced with state-of-the-art ones that use half the water and energy; the waste water treatment plant was re-equipped and digitized, which has allowed closer measurements of discharge and control its operation in real time; two completely new laboratories were built, one dedicated to R+D and sample production and the other for final quality control of the products before they are shipped to customers; the finishing section was also renovated. Energy conservation has also been considered with a cogeneration engine from which the heat it generates to heat our process water is used and a photovoltaic installation. With sustainable and environmental processes now set up enabling more competitiveness, Dercosa is ready for the next fifty years working with its international client portfolio.

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