18 Jul 2022

Leather chemicals group TFL is preparing to deliver a presentation at the 2022 IULTCS EuroCongress on a range of retanning products it has developed from tannery by-products. It has described the use of tanning by-products to make the chemicals as an economically and environmentally effective way to recycle residues from the leather manufacturing process. Report by Leatherbiz.



One of the benefits it foresees is that this will eliminate the cost of removing the by-products and transporting them for a third party to recycle or dispose of them.


TFL’s chief executive, Dr Wolfgang Schütt (pictured), said it was important, even in challenging times, not to lose sight of the importance of technology, research and innovation as drivers of the leather industry. He said the practice of using by-products from leather manufacture to make retanning chemicals would further improve the quality, safety and environmental compatibility of customers’ products and processes.

“We love leather,” he said, “and it’s very important for us to raise awareness of leather as a natural and sustainable material.”

The 2022 IULTCS EuroCongress takes place in Vicenza from September 18-20. TFL is one of the sponsors of the event.

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