15 Jul 2022
At the upcoming ILM Automotive Leather Supply Chain 2022 Conference, TFL Head of Product Management Finishing Michael Franken will discuss the facts around new biobased chemical technologies in automotive leather production, writes ILM. The half-day conference will take place at the 5-star NH Collection hotel in central Milan, Italy, on September 23, the day after Lineapelle and Simac Tanning Tech, and tickets are available now. In his presentation, titled; Biobased Technologies for Automotive Leather – Contradiction or Reality?, Franken will discuss why high-performance automotive leather and biobased chemistry may not be a contradiction anymore but have become a reality. Having begun his journey in the tanning industry with an apprenticeship in 1981, Franken has worked at some of the leading companies in the sector, including positions as a Leather Technician with Henkel and Bayer AG, rising to Regional Technical Manager for South America at the latter, and then moving to Lanxess before its acquisition by TFL, where he has managed product development for leather finishing. Do not miss this chance to hear Franken’s unique insights on the evolving developments of biobased technology in leather production. For more details on the ILM Automotive Leather Supply Chain Conference, head to the event page on the ILM website, and keep an eye out for more news in the coming weeks.

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