6 July 2022

Tuscany’s Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium (the Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale) has announced that the ninth edition of its student design competition, Craft The Leather, after a two-year pause because of covid-19 restrictions, reports Leatherbiz.



This competition aims to promote Tuscan vegetable-tanned leather produced by members of the Consorzio, and to increase knowledge of this traditional leather among new-generation fashion students, the fashion designers of the future.

Seven talented young designers from “the most prestigious international fashion and design schools” will take part in Craft The Leather 2022, the Consorzio said, representing prestigious European schools.

The schools represented are Amsterdam University, the Netherlands; Central Saint Martins, UK; Design School Kolding, Denmark; ISIA Design Florence, Italy; NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milan, Italy; Reneé Van Den Berg Academy, Hoofdoorp, the Netherlands and the Royal Cllege of Art, UK.

There are two main phases to the project. First, students travelled to Italy to take part in a training workshop in San Miniato from June 28-July 4. They will attend the Conservatorio Santa Chiara in San Miniato and spend a week in the heart of the Tuscan leather district exploring each aspect of the veg-tanning process.

Following this, all of the students will use Tuscan veg-tanned leather to create a product, which will go on display at the Lineapelle exhibition in Milan in February, when the winner will be announced.

The tutor for Craft The Leather 2022 is Florence-based design professional and specialist in international and creative studies, Diane Becker.

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