4 July 2022
Greenline is the largest textile recovery company in Italy based in the Marche region. Every day 20 to 40 tons of textile waste arrive here from the big fashion groups. These are not only waste from the production process (mainly from the cutting phase) but also new fabrics and garments that have never reached the sale that luxury brands produce in excess. They then destroy them in order not to lower the perceived value of the brand. Report by Gaia Segattini on Linkedin. The fashion industry is producing too much. And what do these scraps become? If pure fibres, they can be recycles into yarns and garments, but more often than not they are used to make insulation, car padding and, attention, padding of coffins. There are luxury bags that are sold for thousands of euros on the market. Every year in Europe 6 million tons of clothes end up in landfills, the equivalent of 11.3 kg per person, with textiles representing the fourth largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions, after food, construction, and transport. The data comes from the European Commission which has announced a real squeeze for fashion companies by 2030. But why wait until 2030 when we can start right away? We must produce in a rational and not irresponsible way, reminding ourselves that our role as entrepreneurs imposes on us increasingly responsible choices in terms of sustainability. We can and must guide our audience in increasingly conscious choices.

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