30 June 2022

The most recent edition of Leatherbiz Market Intelligence went live on June 28.



In this edition of the report, available for subscribers to read here, there is a reiteration of the message that economic and geopolitical pressures are likely to affect all of the finished product sectors that use large volumes of leather for some time to come.

Luxury leathergoods are a possible exception as most brands and manufacturers in his market claim to have full order books. Even here, though, labour shortages and supply chain constraints could be a factor.

Footwear and automotive face greater uncertainty. But the clearest message from the report is that the furniture sector faces particularly harsh headwinds.

This is because, at the height of the covid pandemic, people had to stay at home and many invested in new furniture to make their surroundings as pleasant as possible.

Now, though, travel is possible again in most parts of the world and people want to spread their wings again as much as possible. At the same time, the property market is also facing a downturn and this, too, affects furniture sales.

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