24 June 2022

Leather manufacturing group PrimeAsia has launched a new collection for brands and manufacturers making outdoor footwear, reports Leatherbiz.


Image shows one of the leathers in the collection, Bighorn Tumbled Nubuck Life-Shield RR, a tumbled waterproof nubuck with an aniline finish.


It has called the new collection Outdoor RR because the six performance leathers that make it up all comply with PrimeAsia’s Responsibly Raised programme.

The group launched Responsibly Raised in 2019, with a view to building up collaboration with stakeholders in the supply chain, all the way to farm level, to promote the responsible use and conservation of natural resources, fair labour conditions and sound animal welfare.

All the wet blue hides PrimeAsia sources for Responsibly Raised are physically stamped to make it possible to trace hides back to the farms the cattle came from.

By 2030, the group will increase these levels of traceability to make 100% of hides sourced in Latin America, and 90% of all the hides it sources globally, traceable back to farms.

The leathers in Outdoor RR all have what PrimeAsia has called “a strong casual influence” and a proprietary water-resistant finish called Life-Shield.

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