22 June 2022
Founded in 1994 and now employing 200 people, Koteks is one of he most important manufacturers of leathergoods, garments and textiles in the country. Kotek leather jacket from the Inspire 2022 collection The company is active in the purchase, trade and export of bovine, calf, sheep and goat hides in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. It produces leather and textile clothing, fashion and work clothing, footwear, safety equipment, leathergoods and equipment for the army, police and special services. Half of the workforce are skilled craftsmen which ensures the quality of the products being produced. This coincides with Koteks’ ESG vision – to be the leading leather industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim of producing high quality products and creating new values. Koteks plans to achieve this by applying modern technology, meeting and improving environmental standards in accordance with sustainable development, creating a qualified and educated workforce, and timely and responsible fulfillment of its obligations. A good example of Koteks’ design and manufacturing expertise is the latest collection of men’s leather jackets called “Inspire 2022”. Jackets from this collection are made of soft quality leather and refined natural materials in several colours. Inspired by world fashion trends, these jackets are characterised by simple and clean geometric lines. Koteks sells internationally online via its website

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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