21 June 2022

Renewcell announce that it will be partnering up with HeiQ to commercialize AeoniQ filament yarn made with Circulose® to replace plastic fibers such as polyester and nylon. HeiQ has already achieved promising results in initial tests of Circulose® pulp as a feedstock for production of AeoniQ® Yarn.



Today, almost two thirds of global textile fiber production is polyester. Polyester also poses one of the biggest raw material challenges in the textile industry. In spite of its fossil origin and microplastic pollution, there have been few alternatives for consumers and brands. By joining forces to develop scalable substitutes to plastics, this is a step towards a fully circular and fossil free fashion future.

While Circulose® viscose production is already ongoing, and Circulose® is in use as a substitute for cotton in retail products, this new development opens the path to replacement of fossil nylon and polyester too.

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