20 June 2022
Tanning group ISA TanTec has published a new corporate social responsibility report, covering its activity across two years, 2020 and 2021, writes Leatherbiz. In the report, the Macau-based group gives a breakdown on progress it made over this period at its production facilities in China, Vietnam and the US. It covers a range of subjects, including the group’s systems and strategies for sustainable operational management, chemical management, employment and human rights, supply chain management and environmental protection. The report also contains a detailed account of how the group managed the challenges pesented by covid-19 in the two years in question. Chief executive, Uwe Hutzler, said: “Since 2020, it has been a challenging time for everyone in the world. We encountered a significant drop in the business in 2020 when lockdowns in the main markets started. Extensive contingency plans allowed us to maintain operations and ongoing business relationships on the supply chain side.” He said the new report shows that ISA TanTec views its commitment to corporate social responsibility as “essential to our long-term success”.

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