10 June 2022
British leather goods brand Mulberry has announced that digital IDs will be added to its products by 2025, reports ILM. The company said that this will “revolutionise the way luxury brands and customers connect, and steward circularity in luxury fashion”. The company will begin adding the digital IDs to vintage pre-loved bags from its circular economy programme, Mulberry Exchange, before moving on to other lines. End-users will be able to tap an NFC tag on each bag with their smart device and access a “personalised digital experience” which will include information about the item as well as access to content and services such as authentication, repair and resale. Mulberry CEO Thierry Andretta said: “We take great pride in creating objects that are made to last, to be loved and passed onto the next generation. Through the digital ID, Mulberry can offer customers increased transparency into the unique journeys of our products, deliver services such as lifetime repair, buy-back and resale, and ensure that every bag can have multiple lives.”

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