30 May 2022
Leather manufacturer Muirhead has said it will unveil its lightest ever leather at the 2022 Aircraft Interiors Expo. The event takes place in Hamburg from June 14-16, reports Leatherbiz. Muirhead, part of the Scottish leather group, has presented lightweight properties as one of the key characteristics of its aviation leather. Its Sateen aviation leather, for example, weighs 750 grammes per square-metre at a substance of 1 millimetre. Now, the company has said it has continued its efforts to reduce weight, without cutting corners. To create an even lighter high-performance, full-substance leather, its innovation team has had “to rethink the entire process”, Muirhead explained. It added that this included careful selection of specific hides, “pioneering new tanning techniques”, and rigorous testing to make sure the leather meets aviation safety standards. The results will be on show at the Hamburg exhibition.

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