30 May 2022

Handel Street is South Africa’s only dealer and manufacturer approved leather interior manufacturer.



Marketing Director Mr Ashraf Ismail makes some pertinent points:

Why Leather?

Almost since man first stepped onto the earth, human beings have been using leather.


The protective skins of animals were used throughout history to provide humans with protection from the weather in the form of a second skin. Without the protection of animal hides, we would not have survived the freezing winters.

As human civilization evolved, so did the techniques for preparing leather, and a multitude of uses for this extremely versatile material were discovered.

Almost no leather is produced today from animals raised solely for their hides. Leather is a by-product of the meat industry and is produced using hides from four species of animals: cows, sheep, pigs and goats.

There would be severe environmental consequences if animal hides were not processed into leather.


Post war car manufacturers used vinyl for the interiors of their vehicles to reduce costs. The material was easy to maintain and resembled leather.

In contrast, vinyl does not breathe, it sticks to the skin, and in hot weather it causes the person in contact with it to sweat. Seating in a car is much more comfortable and durable if it is made of leather.

In turn, vinyl is much more difficult to recycle, and it ends up in landfills, contributing to environmental pollution.

The smell, feel and appearance of leather are unparalleled.

It is the most natural product for shoes, clothes, handbags and automobile interiors.

You Choose Life when You Choose Leather.

Handel street is a manufacturer of leather interiors for Automotive OEMS & Automotive Aftermarket in South Africa.

Read more: www.handelstreet.co.za

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