27 May 2022

Reebok is celebrating its Classic Leather collection with a line-up of new styles in collaboration with rising artists, writes ILM.



The Classic Leather range features a leather upper, lightweight EVA midsole cushioning, a lightweight construction, the brand noted.


Styles in the Spring/Summer 2022 collection will include:

  • 1983 Vintage: Inspired by the original 1983 CL colourway and featuring a vintage terry lining paired with a soft pegasus leather upper
  • White Gum & White Grey: Simple and understated. Clean white execution with a gum or grey bottom
  • Make it Yours: An all-white execution makes up this bright yet minimalist design
  • Modernize: This contemporary CL twist offers a colourful mix of white and black with blue and neon accents throughout
  • SP: Where icon meets modern, SP brings newness to the legacy piece with elevated cushioning and pastel accents.


Reebok is partnering with a range of creatives for the collection. Fionna McQueen, Senior Director of Classics Product at Reebok, said: “Classic Leather is one of Reebok’s most timeless sneakers that has cemented itself over the years as a true icon within the industry.

“For Spring/Summer 2022, we’re excited to reintroduce the Classic Leather and expand upon its legacy. The range of creatives we’ve partnered with to tell our ‘Life is Classic’ story help celebrate the silhouette’s special heritage, while redefining what it means to be a Classic today.”

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