24 May 2022
In the latest ILM podcast episode, Tom Hogarth and Martin Ricker are joined by Manuel Rios, President of Cotance and owner of Spanish sheepskin tannery Inpelsa. Manuel Rios This episode features discussions about the trials and tribulations of tanning in Europe, Cotance’s plans for the future and much more. Don’t miss out on Rios’ unique perspectives on how Europe fared during the pandemic, efforts to counter deforestation-linked import legislation, leathers’ zero-allocation and other topics. Where to find the podcast Link to podcast: https://ilmpodcast.libsyn.com/cotance-president-manuel-rios-addresses-industry-challenges To listen to or download the latest episode of View from the Top, head to the episode page. You can also find our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Each episode of ILM’s podcast series is designed to appeal to all parts of the leather supply chain, including tanners, traders, suppliers, academia and research organisations, OEMs, brands, and retailers. All podcasts from ILM’s “View from the top” series are free to listen to or download to be enjoyed offline.

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