23 May 2022
Italian accessories brand Furla is renowned for its quality, competitively priced leather goods on the global market. It is about to enter a new phase of its development with more emphasis o sustainability in a brand-new creative hub named Progetto Italia based in the Tavernelle Val di Pesa in Tuscany. Path leading to entrance of Progetto Italia Progetto Italia is the brainchild of President Giovanna Furlanetto, daughter of founder Aldo Furlanetto, as she strives to ensure Furla’s legacy into the next century. And creativity, craftsmanship and sustainability are the cornerstones of the Progetto Italian hub. The building is low and nestles into the surrounding countryside so as to engender an atmosphere conducive to encouraging the workers to harmonise their efforts with nature. There are no obstructing walls to interrupt the flow of ample light into the workshops. In this almost idyllic environment Furla will create bags using sustainable leathers made with organic dyes in its production processes. Giovanna Furlanetto believes that Progetto Italia will inspire its workers as new collections are born in the natural surroundings of the Tuscan countryside.

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