19 May 2022
In an upcoming webinar, hosted by ILM, Andreas Weckmann, Technical Marketing Leather Biocides at Lanxess, will discuss the need for biocides in the leather industry. Weckmann will also explain the biocide options already available today, as well as the future of these chemicals. He will cover some of the challenges and regulatory difficulties around biocides and give attendees an update on the restricted substance lists (RSL, MRSL). If you would like to know more about the benefits, sustainability and safety of biocides, do not miss “Biocides in leather: A blessing or curse”, which will take place on May 25, 2022, at 2pm CET (1pm BST), lasting for 45 minutes with a live Q&A with the presenters hosted by ILM Content Director Martin Ricker. Registration to attend this webinar is free of charge. Please click here to register to attend and keep an eye on the ILM website and social media for further information and updates in the coming weeks. Who should attend? The webinar is aimed at anyone connected to the global leather supply chain, including tanners, brands/retailers, product manufacturers, OEMs, traders and consultants, trade associations, chemical and machinery/equipment suppliers and academia.

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