18 May 2022
Yes! If sustainable means
  • converting materials that would be otherwise thrown away to make the products we use to live,
  • keeping things for a long time,
  • repairing them when we need to,
  • passing them on to someone else to use after us and, eventually, – recycling the product as many times as possible…
… leather is most certainly sustainable! Leather’s durability, longevity and recyclability as a natural product are underpinned by regulations and quality standards in many countries to ensure that sustainability credentials are met and maintained throughout its production. Sadesa operates under strict local and international environmental standards and is periodically subjected to rigorous audits carried out by recognized organizations. As a result, all of our industrial plants have been awarded the highest-ranking LWG certifications, which demonstrates our commitment to guaranteeing the sustainability of our industrial processes at every step of the way.

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