18 May 2022
In the latest episode of ILM’s podcast, View from the Top, Deputy Editor Tom Hogarth brings you three articles that, together, present an image of the challenging global environment leather finds itself in today. These three articles, all available on the ILM website, look at the outcome of the recent APLF Dubai show and future venue possibilities, the need for leather industry professionals to pay attention to current events and why leather is being targeted by alternative biomaterials for market share. Where to find the podcast To listen to or download the latest episode of View from the Top, head to the episode page. You can also find our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play. Here is the link https://ilmpodcast.libsyn.com/leathers-challenging-environment-in-2022 Each episode of ILM’s podcast series is designed to appeal to all parts of the leather supply chain, including tanners, traders, suppliers, academia and research organisations, OEMs, brands, and retailers. All podcasts from ILM’s “View from the top” series are free to listen to or download to be enjoyed offline.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​

我們為皮革、物料及時裝業界創造面對面洽談的機會,爲客戶締造實質商機。我們雲集世界各地的商家,讓他們尋找新的合作伙伴,發掘潛在客戶或供應商,並掌握業界最新發展。   我們主辦多個專注時尚及生活潮流的商貿展覽會, 為這不斷變化的行業,提供最全面的買家及參展商服務,方便他們了解急速轉變的行業環境,並預測來季趨勢。