3 May 2022
In response to the challenge set by HRH Prince Charles to demystify “obscure and unhelpful language used around the environment” a new Terra Carta case study has been published: ‘A-Zero. A Farmer’s Guide’. This report focuses on breaking free from environmental jargon. This case study was prepared by The Prince’s Countryside Fund in Partnership with McDonald’s UK and Ireland. “As a signatory to the Terra Carta, we are pleased to see developments with the introduction of impact reporting available now for dissemination. The latest work is a case study commissioned by the Prince’s Countryside Fund, following HRH Prince Charles’ challenge to demystify sustainability and environmental language for farmers – saying “obscure and unhelpful language used around the environment, creates a barrier to farm businesses and land managers who are trying to make a positive impact”. This is an area that is sometimes overlooked – the farmers who work the land, raise arable crops and livestock to sustain us are sometimes forgotten by the corporate use of unhelpful language and jargon. Click the link to read the case study and download the A-Zero Guide. And to read more about SLF’s work with the Sustainable Markets Initiative click here: https://lnkd.in/eR57UhKW Click the link below to read more: https://lnkd.in/gQKpKcYG

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