25 April 2022
The Fashion Task Force of the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) has announced its new Regenerative Fashion Manifesto, which has been developed in partnership with the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance led by scientist Marc Palahi. The Task Force draws from big fashion brands and retailers from across the world. Article by Texfash. The Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) has announced its Regenerative Fashion Manifesto, developed in partnership with the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance (CBA). The announcement was made Wednesday by the SMI Fashion Task Force, chaired by entrepreneur Federico Marchetti. The CBA is led by scientist Marc Palahi. WHAT IT ENTAILS In signing up to the Manifesto, Task Force members are committing their brands—which are amongst the biggest names in the fashion industry, to a progressive shift towards regenerative fashion—a circular biobased industry that is inclusive, climate and nature-positive, using newly created or restored regenerative landscapes as the basis for circular bioeconomy value chains. THE WORK The Task Force will begin with a €1,000,000 investment programme in the Himalayas to restore degraded landscapes and recover traditional textile craft skills in order to enhance the local cashmere, cotton, and silk economies while addressing global challenges related to climate change and biodiversity loss. Work on the project will begin in May with help on the ground from Reforest Action and the Balipara Foundation. THE BACKDROP Regenerative landscapes are resilient, biodiversity-rich and deforestation-free. They produce a diversity of goods and services such as food, energy, and biomaterials, as well as ecosystem services including carbon sequestration. Such regenerative practices empower local and indigenous communities, support their prosperity, and respect their ancestral rights. THE TASK FORCE The Fashion Task Force operates as an industry sub-group of the SMI and is chaired by Federico Marchetti, Founder of the YOOX Net-a-Porter Group. Its members are drawn from across a range of brands, platforms and retailers from all over the world, including Brunello Cucinelli, Burberry, Chloé, Eon, Gabriela Hearst, Giorgio Armani, Johnstons of Elgin, Moda Operandi, Mulberry, Selfridges, Stella McCartney, The Dubai Mall, Vestiaire Collective and Zalando. FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE The SMI Fashion Task Force is committed to being leaders and exemplars to the global fashion, textile and apparel sectors, working to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future. The Fashion Taskforce will begin work on a Digital ID system designed to inform consumers of the sustainability credentials of their garments, through the development of verifiability around what can be considered as a sustainable fashion product.

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