22 April 2022
From the comfort of vintage car seats to the elegance of a handmade accessory. French brand Mileage gives new life to leather destined for landfill. It contributes to a potentially endless cycle by taking the leather from its customers’ classic cars and transforming it into bags, wallets, key fobs, watch straps and everything else they need. That leather, then, in another form, continues to grind out kilometers and kilometers in the company of its “old” owner. By La Conceria. Miles and miles of circularity Mileage is a project of total circularity (like so many others), but also a deeply emotional one. And don’t take this last statement as an exaggeration. This is demonstrated by the stories told by its clients. People who have entrusted Mileage with the leather of the interiors of a car they have driven for a lifetime and of vintage models they have inherited that have now reached the end of their cycle. With these leathers, at the request of customers themselves, the French workshop produces leather accessories, reactivating a new circular path. The project The recovery process begins with a study of the project, which depends on the condition of the seat covers and the object the customer wants. At that point, Mileage draws up an estimate, receives the go-ahead, and begins production with specialised craftsmen. And finally, delivery. “The leathers, most often from prestigious and collectors’ cars, are carefully selected,” the company explains on its portal. “The shape and aesthetics of the upholstery inspire our creations. Each material that makes up, for example, the inside of the bags, is carefully chosen to match the colour and patina of the leather. All the accessories (buckles, bag feet, snap hooks, etc.) are handmade by French craftsmen”.

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