22 April 2022
Automotive group Rolls-Royce has celebrated the first anniversary of a special showroom it opened in London’s Mayfair exactly a year ago, reports Leatherbiz. It said the showroom had been pivotal in helping the company position itself as “a true house of luxury”, as well as providing a meaningful contribution to last year’s results when it delivered 5,586 vehicles to customers around the world, a historical record. As well as a displays of objects and artefacts from Rolls-Royce’s 118-year history and a bar, the Mayfair facility is also home to a workshop, which the company has called the showroom’s pièce de resistance. This room houses samples of the leather that it uses in the interior of its vehicles, of its wood veneers, embroidery threads and fabrics. “The showroom is the perfect embodiment of our brand,” said Claus Andersen, brand director for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London. “Effortless, stylish, contemporary, in tune with our clients’ tastes, requirements and expectations, it is the perfect environment to offer guests a truly authentic experience.”

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