21 April 2022
Two weeks ago, the UK based Leather Conservation Centre held its first three-day residential course for conservators since December 2019. It was a big moment as this normally annual course attracts conservators from Museums all round the world, writes Dr Michael Redwood on ILM. It is not surprising. Leather is a versatile and long-lasting material which has been an essential element in helping society advance from its very foundation when it was the first “sheet material” available for covering and carrying. Consequently, almost all historical museums have lots of items that are made in leather, at least in large part. Along with material on the history of leather, methods of manufacture and the chemistry involved, attendees were sent in advance a pdf digital copy of the Guide to Modern Leather Making scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill in the form; the guide is free to download and in a number of languages). Filling the education gap……to read the rest of this in-depth article by Dr Michael Redwood, click on ILM – Leather Booklet

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