12 April 2022

Campaign group Leather Naturally has said candidates interested in replacing Egbert Dikkers as chair of its management board still have a few days in which to submit an application, reports Leatherbiz.

Egbert Dikkers

Mr Dikkers, who is also the global director for environmental, social and corporate governance at leather chemicals group Smit & Zoon, is to begin a period of sabbatical leave on June 1.

Speaking at the Leather Naturally annual meeting, Mr Dikkers said he had loved his involvement with the group, which began in 2016. He encouraged people from all parts of the industry to become involved to help the campaign continue to grow.

He added that he was sure people in wider society now realised that plastic was not “the way forward”, and that, in terms of determining which materials are the most sustainable, it’s scientific facts that will help people decide. “We are at a tipping point,” he said. “I am sure leather is the solution for the circular society.”

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