12 April 2022

Henan Prosper has launched an unprecedented ultra-low aldehyde product, making the EU Standards for Baby Products even better.


HP has recently developed a new generation leather product technology which is called Armonatural, a major technological breakthrough in the leather industry. If the former leather aldehyde reduction was 100 to 10, this innovative product has arguably accomplished the feat from 10 to 0, a game-changing breakthrough and optimization of previous environmental protection technology. Surpassing the EU standards for baby products, no formaldehyde rebounding over a long duration.


Dozens of processes, achieving excellent performance
What is the formaldehyde content of an apple? It is 17.3ppm, according to the results published by the World Health Organization (WHO).

What is the most stringent formaldehyde safety content of baby products in the world? About 16ppm.

Armonatural is a leather product technology newly developed by Henan Prosper which contains less than 10ppm formaldehyde – lower than many foods and surpassing the most stringent standards for baby products.

Furthermore, due to the volatility of formaldehyde, its content in general products will rebound greatly after being stored for a period of time, while Armonatural will ensure stability at below 10ppm over a long time.

Formaldehyde is listed as a definitive carcinogen by the International Organization for Research on Cancer (IARC) under WHO, universally recognised as a health hazard. With growing awareness of environmental protection, “formaldehyde-free addition” has become a buzz word of great concern in recent years.

Henan Prosper has always been practicing environmental protection standards stricter than those of the industry and international community. Devoted to providing safer and healthier products for customers, Henan Prosper has introduced ultra-low aldehyde products better than the leather industry standards, realising fundamental aldehyde-free addition.


In dozens of production procedures of Armonatural, Henan Prosper has essentially prevented the pollution of metal (chrome), formaldehyde and phosphorus to water, soil and the atmospheric environment, thus being more friendly to the environment.

New chemicals are used in the whole tanning process, and they have less impact on natural leather, but they create more uniform and superior finished leather. This product has a wide range of applications such as in clothing, footwear and household products.


A lot of famous fashion brands have been thrilled about this new product, planning to apply it in their new products.

The product is not only an all-round upgrade, but a future-oriented strategy to take social responsibility by a leading company. Since its establishment in 1995, Henan Prosper has always adhered to the concept of sustainability through the Leather Organisms Optimization Program (LOOP) and is putting environmental protection in place in every procedure such as production, R&D, technological innovation, etc., as well as focusing on traceability, recycling and the degradability of the products in harmony with nature. There is no doubt that the launch of this new product and technology will propel a new round of green upgrades in the industry.

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