7 April 2022
When Carrie Richards was growing up, she always had a feeling she’d end up taking over the ranch that her family had owned and operated since 1941. What she didn’t expect was to do so in her 30s, with a husband and two kids in tow, and to radically change the way her family had managed their land for generations. Through research, trial and error, and a tireless multi-generational effort, Carrie has been able to implement regenerative farming methods that build back soil and revitalize the land. By stewarding the land regeneratively – focused on the full spectrum of health from soil to cattle to community – Carrie is bringing new life to the family ranch and illustrating the wonderful possibilities of regeneration. Learn more about Richards Grassfed Beef & purchase their products at www.richardsgrassfedbeef.com Learn more about the benefits of regenerative agriculture & download free educational resources on Kiss the Ground’s website: www.kisstheground.com Watch the video:

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