6 April 2022

Of course, Zeology is all about chrome free leather tanning, but what other types of tanning chemicals are there? And what are the differences? Asks Nera Tanning


In this article we explain and compare:

  • chrome tanning che
  • micalsvegetable leather tanning
  • zeolite tanning, the chrome free & aldehyde free method


Chrome tanning
About 75% of leather made today is chrome-tanned. The process uses trivalent chromium (Cr III), which is a safe substance. It is even an essential part of our diet! Many people take daily supplements that contain it chromium.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about the leather industry in relation to chromium. It is sometimes suggested that hexavalent chrome, or chromium VI (Cr VI) is used for tanning leather, and that it is carcinogenic. Chromium VI is not used in the manufacturing of leather! Moreover, there are clear and effective industry guidelines set out by the Leather Working Group (LWG) to prevent its formation in leather after tanning.

The process of chrome tanning is constantly being upgraded, as its uptake is improved, less of it needs to be used, there is comprehensive recycling, reduced water consumption and careful management of waste. Best practices in chrome tanning use half the chemicals required by other traditional tanning methods, and produce effluent content below legal requirements. Chrome tanning produces consistent leathers that can be used or worn, year after year, without any loss of properties.

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