1 April 2022
The Italian leather industry is confident as it attends APLF Dubai with 49 exhibiting companies, reports ILM. The Italian Trade Agency (ITA) noted its strong relationship with the UAE to mark the occasion. Italy is the second-largest global leather machinery supplier for the UAE, reaching 35% market share in 2021. Amedeo Scarpa, Italian Trade Commissioner to the UAE, said, “This is the first time that APLF is coming to Dubai, and we are looking forward to reinforcing our strong relationship with the UAE and wider region. “We are supporting Italy’s leading companies in leather machinery, and they will be showcasing some of the industry’s latest innovations and technology.” Robert Vago, Managing Director of Assomac, added that he believes the “event in Dubai will play a potential role for the international market as a prelude of the other well-expected events of this sector next September 2022 in Milan.”

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