25 March 2022
The Italian Leather Chemicals Association (AICC) writes – we welcome with pleasure and honour Silvateam s.p.a., Silver Sponsor of the IULTCS Eurocongress scheduled September 2022. The company is recognised as the global market Ieader in the production of tannins since 1854. Alongside these extracts, since the fifties, Silvateam has been expanding its product line including synthetic tannins, special extracts, oils and fatliquors, tanning auxiliaries, resins, anionic dyes and beamhouse chemicals for the wet-end. The development of innovative and efficient technologies for a sustainable leather making is part of the company’s long-term strategy. These environmentally friendly solutions, promoted with Ecotan brand name, include the traditional vegetable tanning, leather systems free from chrome, metals and glutaraldehyde, eco-design of chemicals and processes to reduce carbon footprint and the discharge of pollutants in wastewaters. IULTCS International Congress will be the perfect time to explore the future of leather technologies with up-to-date technical and scientific developments. SILVATEAM will be part of this interesting event and take the chance to become one of the protagonists. Eric Poles, BU Leather Sales Director of the company, expressed himself as follows: “The exchange of technical knowledge is a key driver of innovation and growth within our industry. We are passionate about leather and we love to promote technical events and support associations, as well as education and research institutes across the globe. Thanks to IULTCS for keeping the flag flying high.” Welcome on board SILVATEAM! Discover more on https://lnkd.in/esPyY6zV

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