25 March 2022
Some of the decisions that may have the most significant impact on the leather sector worldwide are made at APLF Leather. With the last in-person edition being in 2019, it is now back in this format. From March 30 to April 1, it will take place in Dubai for the first time – a location where there are no quarantine restrictions – changing its stage, which had traditionally been for decades in Hong Kong. Business, knowledge, and relationships are the main agendas of this year’s event, in which 31 Brazilian companies will participate, exhibiting leathers with the support of the Brazilian Leather project – an initiative of the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil). There will also be an official and exclusive Brazilian Leather stand at the fair. In total, there will be around 400 exhibitors of materials, chemicals and machinery from 29 countries, including Brazil. The expectation is that the Dubai edition of the event will receive 6,000 visitors, which should attract a new audience to APLF Leather – not only Asian buyers but also importers from Europe and Africa. “The work being done by the fair’s organizers together with Expo Dubai and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry should boost the objectives of promoting leather and presenting opportunities to a new public in the sector,” says José Fernando Bello, executive president of CICB. The Brazilian Leather program started even before APLF Leather. Participating companies received a preparatory webinar that presented strategic data about the fair and its audience, along with information that may be helpful for business promotion. This webinar had the Ambassador of Brazil in Abu Dhabi, Fernando Igreja, and Sabrina Cenni, from ApexBrasil’s Middle East and North Africa office in Dubai, as special guests. Both should visit APLF Leather and the Brazilian pavilion at the fair. According to Rogério Cunha, from CICB’s Trade Intelligence, APLF 2022 should guide the leather market in the coming months: “This is a restart – in the largest global event in the sector. The in-person fairs are back in full force, and we will have a very interesting assessment of the year at APLF Leather.” He and Letícia Luft, manager of the Brazilian Leather project, will be part of a series of meetings with other leather entities, talking about the country’s sustainability and advocating important agendas in the international market. At APLF Leather, Brazil will also implement specific marketing and communication actions such as standardization of stands, banners between the fair’s pavilions, and an exclusive space for Brazilian Leather at the Dubai World Trade Center, where the fair will take place. “At our stand, the leathers from the Preview do Couro collection (Leather Preview) will be exhibited. They are leathers from the tanneries that participated in Inspiramais and reinforce Brazil’s creative and sustainable aspects. They multiply our participation in the event,” Letícia Luft remarked. Brazilian Leather companies and locations at APLF Leather in Dubai: A.Buhler – H2-J15-CICB, Alpha Leather – H2-H14-CICB, Avanti Leather – H2-H08-CICB, CBR Group – Couros Bom Retiro – H2-K07-CICB, CICB – Brazilian Leather – H2-K25-CICB, Classic Couros – H2-J06-CICB, CMC Leather – H2-H14-CICB, Coming Ind. Com. De Couros Ltda – H2-K01-CICB, Cortume Krumenauer S/A – H2-J02-CICB, Courovale – H2-J11-CICB, Couro & Arte – H2-H02-CICB, Curtume A.P. Muller Ltda – H2-K09-CICB, Curtume Cacique Ltda – H2-H12-CICB, Curtume Nimo Ltda – H2-H06-CICB, Curtume Partner – H2-K13-CICB, Curtume Santo Antonio – H2-H10-CICB,Curtume Sulino Ltda – H2-J08-CICB, Euro-America International Freight Forwarders – H2-J26-CICB, Fuga Couros SA – H2-J12-CICB, Gobba Leather – H2-K08 -CICB, H.Y. Leatherex – H2-J18-CICB, Industria de Peles Minuano Ltda – H2-K17-CICB, JBS Couros – H2-K10-CICB, Liderkoll Ltda – H2-J20-CICB, Luiz Fuga Ind Com de Couros Ltda – H2-K02 -CICB, Minerva Leather – H2-H18-CICB, Nova Kaeru Exotic Leather – H2-J05-CICB, Pacific Leather Imp. Exp. Ltda – H2-K15-CICB, Sud Leather – H2-J07-CICB, Union Leather – H2-J06-CICB, Viposa – H2-J01-CICB, Wellour Couros – H2-J16-CICB

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