23 March 2022
Leather Naturally has announced that it will extend its sponsorship of the IULTCS Young Leather Scientists Grant competition until 2030, reports ILM. The organisation has been sponsoring the competition with the Dr Mike Redwood grant, worth €1,000, since 2020. The grant focuses on innovative environmental techniques applied to the leather industry, particularly those involving wastewater treatment, solid waste and emissions as well as studies on sustainable leather processing, new chemicals for leather processing, analytical method development, carbon footprints and water management. Mike Redwood, a co-founder of Leather Naturally, said: “It is a huge honour to be associated with this award. Encouraging young scientists from around the world into the world of leather is vital and should lead to fulfilling and rewarding careers. “Research in these areas makes a meaningful contribution to ensuring leather maintains its place as a top material functionally and environmentally.”

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