16 March 2022
The key word is an adjective: incalculable. Because ” incalculable ” are the consequences of everything that is happening at the geopolitical level. And “incalculable” (also and above all) are the values to be listed in the face of a constant, hysterical and almost daily dynamic of uncontrolled (and, to a large extent, speculative) increase in any price. A situation in which the Italian tanning industry finds itself in a condition of absolute discomfort and helplessness. Article by La Conceria. Prices out of control and incalculable Upstream, energy, raw materials, outsourced processes and so on every day dramatically update their “records”. Downstream, for Italian tanners, it is difficult to manage negotiations with customers. “Every day – explains Fabrizio Nuti, president of UNIC – Italian Tanneries – we find ourselves with price lists, for example of energy and chemical products, which show increases beyond all logic. And this, in addition to generating a huge and relentless alarm, makes the price lists of our leathers incalculable”. Price lists which, in the face of unprecedented upward volatility, “risk having to be updated continuously, making sales negotiations very difficult”. UNIC’s alarm Italian tanning, therefore, finds itself “in the objective, and independent of its will, the difficulty of not being able to quantify ” the response to all the increases it undergoes. Increases which, as in the case of some chemical auxiliaries, also suffer from a supply problem. In other words: the quantities available are scarce. “We were coming out of two years of pandemic – concludes Nuti – and this conflict has come to trigger a dangerous market mechanism. In fact, we have no possibility to predict any trend on the prices we pay to the suppliers of any service. And, as a result, we find ourselves managing our price lists with evaluations that may no longer be valid and current tomorrow “. With all the resulting damage. Incalculable damage.

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