14 March 2022
Richemont-owned Belgian fine leathergoods house Delvaux recently revealed its autumn-winter 2022 collection, entitled Leather Mastery, during Paris Fashion Week in early March, reports Leatherbiz The brand, which recently celebrated 10 years in China, invited several clients and ambassadors to an intimate, salon-like presentation at Hôtel de La Tour-Maubourg, located within the Place Vendôme, midway through the week. Here, guests were treated to an unveiling of all-new interpretations of 1970s-era handbag designs, classic leather bags rendered anew in fresh colourways for the season and Delvaux’s latest innovations in leatherworking, such as folded techniques made to appear almost woven in some cases. A clear standout design, however, was a reimagining of a house classic, the Brilliant top-handle handbag, which had been completely covered with crystal embellishments. All-black and multicoloured crystal versions were teased, with both British singer Poppy Ajudha (who performed during the event) and French model Justine Soranzo pictured carrying the former. Posting to social media after the event, Delvaux described the collection as “joyful, exuberant and elegant”.

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