14 March 2022
Meisterstück is the new leather goods collection from Montblanc, the first launched by the brand’s new Artistic Director, Marco Tomasetta, reports ILM. Tomasetta has previously held design roles at Prada, Chloé and Louis Vuitton and was most recently Givenchy’s Creative Design Director for men’s and women’s leather goods. The collection is named after one of the company’s famous writing instruments and many of the details of the pieces call back to the tradition of fine writing instruments. The collection includes leather briefcases, laptop carriers, tote bags, cross-body styles and wallets. Though Montblanc is known more for its pens, Tomasetta told WWD: “Givenchy [where I most recently worked] doesn’t have a tradition in leather and accessories, while Montblanc is more credible in that market. I wanted to join Montblanc because it has leather in its DNA and, looking back in the archives, they had a pen first and then came a selection of small leather goods to protect the writing instruments. It’s a tradition.”

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