11 March 2022

Farming has been blamed, incorrectly, for a large part of our global carbon footprint. Recent insights and data have shown us that the truth is quite different, and agriculture actually plays a vital part in regenerating the earth which we have exhausted. Various programs have already been successful, and shoe brand Timberland is now taking the leap by investing in ranches that are regenerative in nature. Ruminants play a vital part in that system. Report by One 4 Leather.

Timberland has engaged in a partnership with the Savory Institute as part of their sustainability efforts which focus on better products, stronger communities and a greener world. By being part of an effort to shift gears in sustainability and even regenerating what is lost, the company takes a small step forward. Their partnership also enables the Savory Institute to further develop their Ecological Outcome Verification program, which is vital to reach critical mass for large scale implementation.

The EOV program gathers data from the regenerative ranches to see the actual impact of their efforts. The program website states, ‘Sustainability is a bridge. Regeneration is the destination.’ Finding the proof that regenerative farming has a positive impact on our world is instrumental in the future of both our food industry and the use of leather. Developments in animal farming make this large step forward possible and will also benefit animal welfare. The commitment of Timberland to regenerative farming shows us a future that harnesses our relation to natural materials, which is a more sustainable future than one of replacing natural materials with petroleum-based alternatives.

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