10 March 2022

Paris-based luxury group LVMH is set to take its Métiers d’Excellence (ME) concept, meaning “professions of excellence” in English, on a tour of five French cities beginning March 9 and ending April 6, in order to engage potential future recruits, writes Leatherbiz.

Now in its eighth consecutive edition, this year’s You and ME initiative is again geared towards young professionals and those looking to reskill. It has been sponsored by former National Basketball Association (NBA) player Tony Parker and his eponymous education and training-focused organisation, the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy, based in Lyon.

The five cities LVMH will visit are Clichy-sous-Bois (where Mr Parker will be in attendance), Reims, Valence, Orléans and Paris. A digital component will also take place on the youandme.lvmh.com platform on March 9.

During each event, the group plans to present its métiers (including trades such as leatherwork) as routes to meaningful long-term employment, plus provide information on linked training opportunities with both its own Institut des Métiers d’Excellence and partners schools. Live demonstrations by tutors and apprentices will also take place.

Attendees are additionally invited to attend coaching sessions on interview preparation and curriculum vitae creation with LVMH’s in-house human resources personnel.

Late last year, the company announced plans to recruit almost 8,000 artisans and 25,000 under 30s by end 2022.

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