8 March 2022

At the upcoming ILM hybrid conference in Dubai, Deborah Taylor, Managing Director of the Sustainable Leather Foundation (SLF), and Mauricio Bauer, Senior Director Beef & Leather Supply Chains at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), will reveal the organisations’ groundbreaking traceability project.

Taylor said: “Traceability is the foundation for transparency, without which all commitments, pledges, systems and tools will never result in meaningful, transformative change and nature-positive outcomes. Traceability has also been a development topic in the leather industry for many years.”

This new four-year grant program will develop benchmarks and protocols to set a minimum threshold for practices at the farm level and will provide recognition to those farmers who meet or exceed them. Join the SLF and WWF as they launch this project at the Future trends in a post-Covid leather industry conference in Dubai on March 29.

To read more about this conference and to register, click on ILM #SLF and #WWF Conference Dubai

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