2 March 2022

Kim Sena of JBS Couros and Federico Brugnoli of Spin360 will discuss strategies for reducing the environmental footprint of leather during a presentation at an upcoming conference at APLF Dubai, writes ILM.

The pair will lead a presentation at the upcoming ‘Future trends in a post-Covid leather industry’ half-day conference at APLF Dubai on March 29, a hybrid event co-organised by ILM and APLF.

During the presentation, titled: “Science-based environmental footprint reduction strategies”, Sena and Brugnoli will outline how, along its journey of implementation of a quantifiable and technical framework for the continuous reduction of the environmental impact of its value chain, JBS Couros carried out more than 30 LCAs during the past couple of years with the support of Spin360. Data and methodologies from these studies will be presented during the conference.

Sena said: “This will be a moment to dive into the learnings of this process and to present a daring technical and industry-wide initiative to set the stones to reposition leather and other bio-based materials as the sustainable materials for the future within a life cycle perspective.”

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