18 February 2022

Footwear brand Sorel has made some special additions to its range of women’s winter boots.



Working with PrimeAsia, it has achieved important savings in the impact of the leather it has used in the OTM Eco Boot (pictured) and in the Joan of Arctic Wedge III Zip Eco Bootie, reports Leatherbiz .

PrimeAsia used only recycled water in the retanning process, giving a saving of 75% compared to the group’s regular leather manufacturing process. It applied no dye at all to the leather for the Sorel boots and has calculated savings of 30% in the volume of chemicals, energy and time required to make the material.

It has described the resulting leather, a range it calls Dye Free, as “beautiful, natural and sophisticated”. Sorel clearly agrees.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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