10 February 2022

The Dior shoe factory in the sights of thieves.

On Monday 7 February, the managers of the Fossò (Venice) plant discovered that they had been the victim of a theft. The criminals entered the factory over the weekend. The thieves allegedly stole a few hundred pairs of shoes. How many exactly and for what value, however, is not yet known. The police have initiated investigations and are currently oriented towards organized groups specialized in thefts from designer labels. In recent months, several shoe factories on the Brenta Riviera have been visited by thieves.

The Dior shoe factory in focus

A warehouse relieved of its precious content. This is what the employees of the Dior shoe factory in Fossò discovered on Monday morning, in the heart of the Riviera del Brenta. As reported by ilgazzettino.it, the investigations of the police are proceeding with the utmost speed. One of the first elements to clarify is when the thieves entered the factory: whether during the night between Saturday and Sunday or between Sunday and Monday.

Like “Mission: Impossible”

According to the first reconstructions, the thieves entered the company by reaching the roof of the building. From here they dropped through a skylight, which they shattered. Immediately before or immediately after, another aspect on which the police are shedding light, the thieves had deactivated the alarm system. Once inside, the criminals would have directly reached the premises where the shoes are stored to be shipped to Dior boutiques around the world.

關於亞太區皮革展 ​



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