8 February 2022

Metcha has announced that is has opened fundraising to every leather industry supply chain member to “help boost the initiative that is connecting the material to younger generations”. Report by ILM.

According to the initiative, which was launched by Leather Naturally, 64% of Metcha’s audience say they are inspired by it, and 38% say they have already bought a product after seeing it on Metcha’s channels

A statement said: “Now, every leather industry member has the chance to contribute to the only global initiative shaping consumers’ minds of the present and future. Building a never-before-seen community in perfect sync with the industry needs and inspiring a generation to see leather as an exciting creative partner, Metcha is 100% supported by players from the leather industry around the world.

“Now is the time that we renew our commitment to continuing the campaign for another year and we’re looking for new partner donators so that we can take the project further, faster.”

In 2022, Metcha will also be offering new partnership opportunities with brands in the form of “Customised and Original Content”, “Signature Series”, “Special Projects”, “Collabs” and more.

More information on fundraising for Metcha can be found here. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Metcha by emailing [email protected].

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