8 February 2022

The new Trussardi keeps leather in the DNA. Born as a laboratory of leather gloves, after 111 years of existence the brand binds its future to leather goods and footwear. Since 2019 it controls Trussardi the Italian private equity fund QuattroR. The brand, in the midst of reorganization, presents itself on February 26 with the first show signed by creative directors Serhat Işık and Benjamin A. Huseby. CEO Sebastian Suhl explains the new course of the greyhound. Report by La Conceria.



The shares of the business
Clothing is worth 50% of Trussardi’s business. Accessories and other product categories generate the other half. “We expect growth in all categories, but in particular in leather goods – Suhl told MFF -. We also want to bet on footwear “. The CEO reiterated the concept with WWD: “Trussardi has a very high reputation, as it represents leather goods in the collective memory”.

The team
Suhl is building the design, digital, marketing and management teams. It has revisited the logo, deleted the second lines, focused on online and cut the franchise stores in China. The CEO does not disclose the volume of sales but said that 2021 ” has not gone badly “, especially in the second half. Among the reference markets are Italy, some European countries and Russia. “We are now looking at markets where we are not distributed, such as Germany, France, England, Spain and Asia”. Trussardi wants to become “a young and more accessible, elegant and timeless brand, not classic, but modern”.

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