4 February 2022

64% of METCHA’s audience say they are inspired by it, and 38% say they have already bought a product after seeing it on METCHA’s channels.

Now, every leather industry member has the chance to contribute to the only global initiative shaping consumers’ minds of the present and future. Building a never-before-seen community in perfect sync with the industry needs and inspiring a generation to see leather as an exciting creative partner, METCHA is 100% supported by players from the leather industry around the world. Now is the time that we renew our commitment to continuing the campaign for another year and we’re looking for new partner donators so that we can take the project further, faster.

Powered by Leather Naturally, METCHA is aimed at raising the leather narrative, acting through multiple platforms every day to flood the metaverse with positive news and inspiration from the leather industry. Daily, it partners up with the world’s hottest brands, designers, and creatives to generate consistent discussions covering the fields of leather design, leather lifestyle, leather innovation, and leather sustainability, producing more than 500 pieces of leather-oriented content every month.

With Generation Z and Millennials as its target and biggest consumers and a total audience of more than 4.7 million people across all its proprietary channels, METCHA has made the word leather reverberate 1.2 billion times, promoting exclusive leather-oriented collaborations and reaching a highly qualified audience, dominated by the people who are shaping the world and that come from major strategic markets for the leather industry. Data from a recent survey reveals that 64% of its audience say they are inspired by METCHA, and 38% say they have already bought a product after seeing it on METCHA’s channels.

That volume of exclusive and daily data made it possible for the platform to map trends through consistent monitoring. That’s why METCHA launched a new asset for the industry at the end of 2021: METCHA FORWARD. An exclusive trend report that compiles leather-oriented trends for the near future with several behavioral analyses covering all major leather industry-related areas, from sustainability to automotive interiors, passing through apparel. The document can be downloaded freely at metcha.com/metcha-forward.

In two years, METCHA has consolidated a consistent audience & network around leather-oriented design, establishing significant credibility within the creative industry and reaching a great number of people worldwide. In a year that is being called the year of the Metaverse, making this moment in time more digital than ever, without METCHA, leather would be a blank space in the digital culture.

For those interested in helping this incredible global initiative, there is a link with information and contact: https://mailchi.mp/09b0d4a57dd1/1dtpt209jf. It is also possible to get in touch by e-mail at [email protected].

Moving into 2022, METCHA will also open up new possibilities for partnerships with brands in the formats of Customized and Original Content, Signature Series, Special Projects, Collabs, and more. For those who want to support METCHA’s branded content, just get in touch via e-mail at [email protected] or on social media.

METCHA is daily on Instagram (@metcha), Website (metcha.com), Facebook (/metchaofficial), Twitter (@metchaofficial), and Pinterest (@metchaofficial), as well as in a weekly Newsletter.

Best regards,

Metcha – Team Global Leather Campaign

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